StreaMax® XC Fluoropolymer coating for corrosion control

Internal downhole corrosion control
Superior corrosion resistance in HP/HT environments
Excellent performance in very harsh environments

Performance data
Design Pressure : 8500 psi
Design Temperature : 325 ~ 350 Deg F
Permeation and chemical resistance against mixtures of H2S, CO2 and Chlorides
H2S content up to 20%
CO2 content up to 10%
Chloride contents range between 5% and 15.5%
Resistance against rapid decompression (less than 60 seconds)
World Wide use
StreaMax® coating system is a proven internal downhole coating technology used by the major Oil & Gas Producers globally, such as: Saudi Aramco, Pemex, Statoil, Talisman Energy, Addax Petroleum, etc.
Application facilities dedicated for StreaMax® application are available globally, in the U.S., Northern Europe as well as the Middle East (Saudi Arabia).
  • Fluoropolymers have the lowest coefficient of friction among metallic and non-metallic materials (non-stick properties)
  • Fluoropolymers are extremely corrosion resistant to a broad range of chemicals (wet sweet & sour gases, produced saline water, etc.)