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Jacking Frame

for Coiled Tubing equipment handling on fixed platforms

The Jacking Frame system consists of a basewith four columns which connects the injectortable.
  • The standard frame is delivered with manualrotation table and rigid injector spears.
  • Optional equipment: Hydraulicrotation and hydraulic injector

Extra work platform

The Jacking frame can be delivered with one extra work platform. The platform can independantly elevate along the columns to give correct work height for the BOP and tool handling. Access to the jacking frame is done by two ladders.

Extra platforms and lights are optional.

Additional equipment:

  • X-Y skid system
  • Section tower for extra lubricationheight
  • Back tension system for injector
  • Motion compensated
  • WireLine safe handling manipulator
  • Tailored design at customer request

The jacking Frame pictured was delivered to BP’s Valhall offshore field.