West Group with two nominations for the ONS Innovation Award

We are very pleased to announce that both Continous Motion Rig and Swarfpak are nominated for the ONS Innovation Award.

Continuous Motion Rig (CMR) is a new generation drilling rig with significant breakthroughs in drilling efficiency, CO2-reductions and safety for both well and personnel. The technology is invented and patented by West Group.

SwarfPak is a superior milling tool for P&A and slot recovery with significantly reduced rig time and reduced environmental footprint.

The ONS Innovation Awards are an important part of the ONS conference and exhibition. The high number of applications for these awards bears witness to the potential prestige for the winning enterprises. The awards will be presented at the ONS Innovation Luncheon on Tuesday 26 August at 12.30 pm.

We're at ONS
If you`d like to learn more about the Continuous Motion Rig and Swarfpak, please visit us our stands at the exhibition area – hall O 1306 and hall F 666

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