West Group nominated for ONS Innovation Award

The prestigious ONS innovation awards is given out to recognise the crucial importance of cutting-edge products and solutions.

We are pleased to announce that West Group is one of the nominees for the ONS Innovation Award.

The nominated technology
West Group has invented and patented a new generation drilling technology called Continuous Motion Rig (CMR).

The technology promises a significant breakthrough in drilling efficiency, cost savings and well safety. The technology has the potential to reduce drilling time by 50% and overall drilling costs by 40-50%.

The main principle involves the continuous running of jointed drill pipe and casing, thus enabling uninterrupted drilling while maintaining circulation. The technology facilitates Underbalanced Drilling, MPD and full snubbing capabilities,and will become the first fully robotised drilling rig.

ONS says:
“Companies exhibiting at ONS have demonstrated consistently that nothing is impossible. Technological progress continues to break new barriers, and we are proud to act as a key arena for presenting such advances.”

We`re at ONS
If you`d like to learn more about the Continuous Motion Rig, please visit us at stand #618 in the ONS Innovation Park.

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