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CMR Research Rig at Ullrigg

The CMR Pilot Rig is now fully financed

WeST Drilling Products has entered into a Joint Industry Project with Statoil, ConocoPhillips and Norske Shell for piloting of their newly developed CMR Drilling Technology. The fully robotized technology enables continuous drilling and through this substantial efficiency improvements and corresponding cost reduction. In addition several well related improvements will be achieved, such as better pressure control and reduced differential sticking that will increase drilling safety.
WDP will through the Pilot project build a drilling rig that besides demonstrating the technology will enable research and development of technology from other vendors. The research rig will strengthen the drilling technology cluster in the Stavanger region and in and around the UIS, IRIS and Ullrigg cluster.
The project has a development budget of NOK 190 million whereof the Norwegian Research Council has granted a funding of NOK 40 million through the Demo 2000 program. The Demo 2000 program is a technology focus program targeting 3 main goals: New field development on NCS through new and cost efficient technology and implementation models. Increased safety for implementation within budget and plan. New Norwegian industrial products for sale in a Global market.
Through demonstrations (pilot projects) new and cost efficient technology shall be qualified for use and thereby create new development projects, new products and new work places.
The pilot projects will create a close cooperation amongst suppliers, research institutes and oil companies which on its own will develop a future and market oriented competence network. This is central in a situation when Norwegian petroleum competence, built through a period of over 30 years, to larger and larger extent must compete in a global market.

In a period where it has been difficult to launch larger pilot projects, Statoil, ConocoPhillips and Norske Shell have, as leading players for development and implementation of new and future-oriented technology, through funding the pilot project taken important steps to contribute to maintain the intention of the Demo 2000 program.
WeST Drilling Products AS
Odd B. Skjærseth
For further information the following persons can be contacted:
Statoil:                                    Knut Rostad               905 48 990
ConocoPhillips:                      Stig S. Kvendseth      520 21 201
Shell:                                      Alice Bergfall              715 64 190
Norsk Forskningsråd:             Anders J. Steensen   908 68 254
WeST Drilling Products AS:   Odd B. Skjærseth      906 46 636

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