“An historic event”

The first continuous motion rig erected.

WeSTs Continuous Motion Rig mounted at IRIS Stavanger. The world`s first continuous motion drilling rig is now mounted on the grounds of International Research Institute of Stavanger. “The Continuous Motion Rig represents an historic event”, says WEST`s CEO Odd B. Skjærseth.

“For the first time in history it is possible to connect drill pipes without stopping the drilling process. The new technology will lead to drilling cost reductions between 40–45 %, exactly what the industry is in need of”, Skjærseth explaines.

VIDEO: Erection of WeST`s new rig at Ullandhaug:

The main principle of the new technology is to be able to run connected drill pipe and casing continuously and drill continuously while maintaining full circulation and automated drill floor operations.

Over the next weeks, the rig will be fitted with WeST `s drilling robot technology.

The rig will be assembled and commissioned during July while commissioning and testing is to be carried out in August and September. 

Major cost reductions

The main advantage of the technology is the massive reduction in drilling costs. Operators and drilling companies will be able to reduce 40-45 % of costs associated with drilling.

“In addition, robotization of the drilling process leaves the need for manpower on the drill floor. Risks related to health and injuries will be minimized”, he adds.

Emissions of CO2 will also receive a healthy reduction. Better control of the drilling process can reduce harmful emissions with up to 60 %.

“June 25th will be a date to remember for everyone involved in WeST Group and the energy industry on a whole”, says Skjærseth.

The CMR Technology

The Continuous Motion Rig (CMR) is a new generation drilling technology and a complete new drilling system. With continuous drilling and continuous circulation it offers significant breakthroughs in drilling efficiency, CO2-reductions and safety for both well and personnel.
  • Drill time reduction of up to 50 %
  • Drilling cost reductions between 40–45 %
  • Tripping speed of up to 3600 m/hr
The CMR technology won the OTC Spotlight on new technology award in 2014.

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Continuous Motion Rig at Ullandhaug, Stavanger


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